At Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc. our philosophy is that every detail of the design, craftmanship and history of a structure is an important part of the region's heritage. It is through the attention to these details that we reveal a rich past

Be it residential, commercial or municipal, Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to return usability to older structures while enabling them to bear the requirements of the twenty-first century. Among our list of completed projects are the restoration of churches, town halls, museums, mansions, libraries, schools, barns, and a vast array of period homes and outbuildings. No project has proven too small or too large for the tradesmen of Kronenberger & Sons. We have successfully completed numerous projects of all sizes, with unsurpassed creativity, uncommon expertise and a sensitivity to historical preservation.

We are a bonded, merit, general contracting company providing complete construction services throughout the United States. Kronenberger & Sons utilizes dozens of our own skilled carpenters, masons, concrete workers, painters and craftsmen. Other specialized and licensed subcontractors are utilized on an as needed basis.

Our passion for the preservation of the past to benefit the future creates new challenges in the restoration arts. New building codes and OSHA requirements must be strictly adhered to as well as maintaining the integrity of the original structure. It has been our objective to balance passionate interest in historical preservation with level-headed professionalism. Years of experience with successful projects and satisfied clients is a testimony to our dedicated staff.

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Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc , is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer
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